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Founded in 2013, David Wilkes Design focuses on custom home designs and high end developments. We believe in honesty, integrity and transparency throughout the whole design and building process, to achieve the best results for our clients. We love designing beautiful homes for our clients, whether it's their dream home or adding value to an investment through thoughtful design.

We aim to create homes that respond to the individual site and look to provide environmentally friendly options wherever possible. Every site we come across is different and all clients have different requirements, resulting in a wide range of suitable design options for our projects. Simple, efficient design is our preference, bringing in natural light, the indoor-outdoor Australian connection and natural materials to offset the clean finishes.



We prefer to take control of delivering an entire project, however we understand that sometimes circumstances dictate that we play a smaller role. On some projects, we may just provide the concept design or up until the planning approval stage. Our design services can include the following;

  -Site assessment

  -Concept Design

  -Design Development

  -Council approvals

  -Construction documentation (working drawings)

  -Specification & Material selection

  -3d rendering


Fees will range depending on the complexity of the design, overall client budget and project requirements. If you're unfamiliar with home design fees, please feel free to drop us an email with some basic details on your project and we can get back to you with a guide as to what to expect. If we're on the same page, we'd love to learn more about your ideas with our obligation free initial meeting.

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